Save time and money with features that will help your sports organization run smoothly. While other services claim to do this, our software actually does. Find out how.
No software fees, no per player fees,
and no information fees. You are in
complete control, owning all of your
own associated files at no additional
We offer complete scoreboard integration like no other company out there. Our service is unique allowing for easy scoreboard control and database management.
Time to Score surpasses anything out on the market to date. With the state of the art capability to collect and compile all
league information, you will be able to manage your league with ease and simplicity. See How.

Extra Fees = None

> No Software Fees
> No Licensing Fees
> No Per Player Fees
> No Information Fees
> No Database Fees

Time To Score Pricing

> Priced by Number of Games
> Size of League
> Game Quantity Discounts
> Fixed One Time Setup Cost
> Free Multi-Computer Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Save Time and Money
Save on payroll, paperwork, and headaches
Save time on scheduling
Save time money on players not paying
Save time keeping track of rosters
Save time keeping track of player liability and eligibilty

Complete Ownership
Own all your files
Own all your stats
Manage files, schedules, and officials
Captains and Officials information at your fingertips

Total Integration
Scoreboard integrates with laptop or workstation vis USB
Statistics stored into database with scorekeeper entry
Real Time web streaming (Internet connection required)
Sync with database when games are scored offline
Alerts for players not eligible to play in games

About Time to Score

Years ago, Bill Palter realized an opportunity other companies overlooked: a way to manage and organize information with ease and simplicity. No company had committed to developing the technology with user experience and storage in mind.

Palter and co-developers saw the potential of an entry to database application that would help streamline the work load acknowledged by many sports companies, clubs, and organizations. What would be formed has helped change the industry, and has moved into true speed along with the information age.

Throughout the years, Time to Score has developed into the standard for scorekeeping entry. Built on the strong foundation of innovation, expertise in the industry, and responses to customer feedback regarding chanllenges and successes, we at Time to Score have been able to develop in a whole new direction. Our company was founded with the idea of making hockey scorekeeping simpler and more accurate.

Our Time to Score team consists of hockey players, software, and hardware engineers with extensive development and product experience.

What does Time to Score have in store going forward? We aim to provide our customers with the best league management applications and solutions to meet their needs. We will continue to create and develop innovative technologies, keeping the customer at the focal point of everything we do. We believe in our technology, and want you to as well.

How can we help you?

For Product Inquiries please send an email to

If you are a client and require technical support please send an email to

If you are a league member and have questions about your stats please contact your league representative."

Input all of your game information while scorekeeping. Instead of using old conventional
methods using out of date scoreboard controllers, Time to Score provides users the
funtionality and ease of having all information stored into a database.

Time to Score integrates with your scoreboard, to allow control of your information, inputs,
and displays; all at the same time. Integration is done by using an interface which communicates
with the scorebaord, and transmits information to any laptop or workstation via USB.

Laptops and Workstations
Information is entered by the user using our free of charge software. This software can be
run on any laptop or workstation which has a USB port, so that it can be connected to
the scoreboard simlultaneously. The software is currently available for Windows 2000,
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Touchscreen Capability
Time to Score software is compatible with all workstations which use touchscreen
monitors for input. This is a great added feature provided with the software
at no additional cost.

Having a league to run with multiple teams and players can be a chore. Time to Score helps
to monitor player information as you are using the software. Each player is checked in
every game, and player stats are then stored in the database as information is entered.

Leagues and Tournaments
Leagues and Tournaments can be separated into individually databases for control and
organization of information. This is extremely useful for those who run Adult, Youth,
Travel, and Tournament teams from the same location.

Maintain Paperwork
Every league needs to have proper documentation on players regarding insurance,
waivers, age, and participation. Time to Score helps you organize your league from
top to bottom by storing this information as well. All information may be accessed
through a management login portal.

Monetary Controls
Have you ever had players slip through the cracks who haven’t paid their full dues?
Save money by controlling all league fees with Time to Score. Pre-game prompts
will show the scorekeeper which players haven't paid, to ensure that players pay
what they owe before being allowed to participate.

Player stats are stored into a database as a scorekeeper enters information. There
is no need for double work with Time to Score. No need to input information twice,
and no need to compile paper stats every game. All stats are added to existing stats
from previous games. No paperwork is needed to be kept, saving you valuble time.

Player Conduct
All organizations at some point must deal with suspensions, length of games, and
when a player is eligible to return. Our software enables league moderators to put
flags on players with suspensions, which are automatically removed by the system
once a player is elegible to return. Prompts occur prior to game starts, ensuring
that players who are ineligible are not able to participate.

Officials and Team Captains
Manage scheduling of your game officals with Time to Score. Referee information is
stored each game with game stats to be recalled at will. Team Captains have a login
portal as well to enter player names, and roster information. All rosters are kept up to
date to provide extra efficiency.

League game scheduling can be performed through the managaement login portal
as well. All games scheduled can be changed at the press of a button, to fit league
needs and schedule conflicts.

Database Feed
Once information has been enterened into the database by the score keeper,
information can be managed through the league managaement portal, and as
well it can be displayed in a variety of formats. Information can be fed into a
file format such as an Adobe PDF extension, or displayed over the internet.

Real Time Web Display
The internet can be used in a variety of ways to view information. Schedules,
team and player statistics, as well as scoresheets can all be viewed with a simple
click of the mouse. In addition, games that are currently being played are
viewable online in real time, as the scorekeeper enters data.

Export to File
Although Time to Score is mainly an electronic service, users may export
files for the purpose of printing. Files can be exported to an Adobe PDF file
which can then be printed. All clients own their files at no additional cost.

Have you ever wanted to view stats from a game three months back? Have
you ever needed to see who officated a game six months ago? Time to Score
provides this service. All games, stats, and files are archived up to ten years back.
Yes, we said it, ten years!